On our ships you are free to bring your own drinks or you can let us arrange it for you, in that case you wil get a bill with the consumed goods after the trip.

Please order your drinks at least 2 weeks in advance.


Draft beer

30 Litres Grolsch € 150,-

It's also possible to bring your own beer kegs but please mind:

  • No bigger kegs then 30 litres.
  • Usage of beer tap € 20,- per 30 Litres keg.
  • Bring your own connection to the keg (we only have the one for Grolch, which does not fit most German beers)



Mineral water, flat / sparkling € 1,50 per can / bottle.


Soft drinks

Cola, Fanta, Cassis, 7-up etc.. € 1,50 per can / bottle.


Red, White and Rose € 15,- per bottle.



Weduwe Joustra berenburg € 30,- per bottle.

Zuidam jonge / oude jenever € 30,- per bottle.

Zuidam korenwijn € 35,- per bottle.


These prices are including taxes and based on self-service.

If you would like additional staff to serve your drinks please contact us for availability and pricing.